About Holonic

Holonic Technologies provides a deterministic, semantic, AI-driven, machine-learning platform called CodeIntent™ that transforms existing software on any stack to a proprietary canonical form, allowing Holonic to refactor the original software, identify and repair flaws in the intent and the implementation, and regenerate the software in a customer-specified language, architecture, or platform. CodeIntent™ automatically rectifies its customers’ code inefficiencies, eliminates compounded technical debt, and provides optimized code for efficient ongoing development. CodeIntent™ has been under development for over two decades. Holonic Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with research and development based in Tucson, AZ.

John Joganic

Co-Founder, CAIO, Technology Leadership Service & Platform Architect

Designed and implemented first language acquisition software actively licensed to universities.

Designed and implemented economic modeling applications for Vernon Smith, 2002 Nobel Prize Winner.

Designed and implemented Real-Time Universal Risk Manager for the world’s largest banks and financial institutions.

Eric B. Schorvitz, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CEO, Organization Leadership, Service & Platform Strategy

Game Theory and Experimental Economics Ph.D. under Vernon Smith

Founded iSold.com in 1998. With John Joganic was first opportunity to implement what became CodeIntent™

Founded PM Technologies in 2000, joined with Joganic, rolled into Holonic in 2018.

Sanjiv Desai

Chief Legal Officer & Head of Corporate Development

Nearly 15 years of expertise in corporate and complex commercial transactions, regulatory compliance and litigation.

Successfully grew electronic company from less than $10 million in sales to $75 million in 3 years.

Joined Holonic Technologies in 2018.

Rohit Chopra

Chief Financial Officer

Nearly 20 years of Wall Street experience as an award winning research analyst recognized by Starmine/Financial Times and Institutional Investor.

Key Financial roles at private companies including CFO of a telecom company instrumental in raising capital.

Joined Holonic Technologies in 2018.