Sources and Consequences of Technical Debt

  • Bad architecture
  • Overly complex code
  • Lack of documentation
  • Inadequate testing
  • Obsolete technology
  • Insufficient test automation
  • Too many dependencies
  • Code duplication
  • Poor deployment practices
  • Obsolete code
  • Inefficient configuration or infrastructure
Technical Debt
Design or construction approach that is expedient in the short term, but creates a system which will cost more to correct over time. In other words, a strategic challenge to the organization in the longer term.
  • Extra hours
  • More FTEs
  • Junior coders
  • Crashes
  • Increased time to market
  • Errors and bugs
  • Complexity of code
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Higher indirect costs: CPU, memory, networking, HVAC, data center, cloud
  • Decreased competitiveness
  • Security flaws/breaches

Cost to the Organization

Studies have shown the cost of technical debt is in the range of $3-$5/LOC depending on the language (CAST Software Study).

  • An application with 1 million LOC, depending on the language, means that an organization is carrying $3-5M in technical debt.
  • With Global IT budgets projected to increase at 2.7% per year (Gartner) – there is little to no opportunity to ever optimize software.

Security is a key issue for every board of directors and, according to IBM, will cost companies $3.6B.

Key Drivers Suggest Technical Debt is Here to Stay

The strain of technical debt increases primarily because (a) users are demanding additional functionality in shorter release cycles while (b) companies are shifting software stacks to the cloud.

Current tools which are focused on static analysis are grossly inadequate – vendors are happy to sell multiple solutions to correct each problem. A “divide and conquer methodology” that comes at the expense of the client.

Holonic’s CodeIntent® AI Platform is Changing the Current Paradigm

Holonic can radically cut both OpEx and CapEx thus increasing Margins

  • Case studies have show a decrease of 50-90% in IT costs

Holonic offers ONE platform to optimize, convert and secure code

  • One vendor, one platform, allows client to consolidate and track progress with full visibility

Organizations run leaner

  • Fewer FTEs, lower hardware, networking and data center/cloud costs

Code exponentially more efficient through our optimization process

  • Development resources minimized, QA process simplified, development cycle reduced

Significantly faster time to market with rapid deployment of new features

  • Lean code and independent feature capability increases competitiveness

Code is secure

  • Platform identifies and repairs vulnerabilities decreasing the potential for cyber security issues which can lead to loss of clients/trust, and open the company to potential lawsuits.