How It Works

3 Step Process which Minimizes Client Resources and Time

Convert any software stack to a proprietary, mathematical, canonical form
Holonic reports code’s intent, optimization opportunities, security flaws, architecture concerns, design issues
Conversion of original stack is performed and code is returned to client on desired software stack

Time to Completion: Weeks to Months


A. Set Up
  • Works with any software stack and development environment
  • Secure access to client source code (onsite or offsite)
  • No documentation required (code documents itself)
  • No client developer/architect time needed (minimally disruptive to your current development schedule)
B. Analysis

Step 1: PARSE
CodeIntent™ parses client-provided code into our proprietary, mathematical, canonical form.

Step 2: INTENT
CodeIntent™ analyzes code to identify what the code’s intent is and compares that with client stake holder’s understanding.

CodeIntent™ analyzes code to identify optimization opportunities, security flaws, architecture concerns, design issues.

C. Client Options

Complete code specification:

  • Every code fault categorized, tiered and detailed (security, performance, bloat, errors)
  • Recommended options to rectify
  • Binding “initial estimate” of client gains; code line reduction (dead, cloned, redundant code); complexity reduction; security
  • Proposal, price, and schedule of solution
Refactor Service
Efficiencies on existing platform
Re-platform Service
Target platform stack
Security Service
Identify changes to baseline
Internally Address
Client manages findings with their resources

Re-factor/ Re-platform

  • AI auto-generates code to target language / platform
  • Developers / testers validate for client-ready baseline
  • Documentation auto-generated
  • New Source Code tested in client test environment