Transforming Software from Compounding Liability into Renewable Value Creation


Fix, optimize and release any software at a cost, scale, speed, and quality otherwise unavailable


Through our proprietary framework and machine learning platform called CodeIntent™ ANY software, at ANY scale, on ANY stack

Audit, correct, optimize, and regenerate any codebase


  • Machine learning platform
  • Semi-automatic solutions (80/20)
  • Transforms code from the time domain to the intent domain. Repairs, refactors, optimizes source code
  • Synchronizes code with best practices
  • Continuously monitors and corrects all code as developers write and input new code or third parties change interface requirements
  • Accelerates greenfield projects and new initiatives
  • Gives developers opportunity to implement intent by removing barriers
  • Exponential scaling by learning, solving and automating, which provides greater efficiencies and renewable value creation


  • Increase software performance across an enterprise
  • Increase speed to market and speed of operations
  • Eradicate code debt
  • Consistently release only best practice code of any codebase
  • Decrease IT overall code cost of ownership (hardware, human capital, networking, and risk mitigation)
  • Scales in renewable value as the platform learns the business and automates the learning